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Lake Jusan

Located at the northern end of the Tsugaru Plain, Lake Jusan is a brackish body of water where fresh water from the Iwaki River originating in Shirakami-sanchi—a natural World Heritage Site—and sacred Mt. Iwaki mingles with saltwater from the Sea of Japan. During medieval times, the lake was dominated by the Ando clan and served as the location of a trading port that brought prosperity to the surrounding region. It is the third largest lake in Aomori Prefecture, and freshwater clams collected in this lake are a regional delicacy. The freshwater clams found in Lake Jusan are known to be very tasty, large and delicious. These clams are used in clam noodles served in restaurants located around the lake. In his literary work entitled Tsugaru, Dazai described this lake as viewed from the top of a nearby hill.

Address Jusan, Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture

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