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Wakimoto Seaside Communication Zone

Herring and sardine fisheries once flourished on the Tsugaru Peninsula along the coast of the Sea of Japan. In particular, people of the Wakimoto district depended on herring fisheries for their livelihood. However, starting around 1945, fishing grounds gradually migrated toward Hokkaido, leading to the decline of fisheries on the Tsugaru Peninsula. Meanwhile, a “herring mansion” reminiscent of the olden days was recently restored in the Wakimoto district and is used to display various materials on herring fisheries, including documents regarding Hikosaburo Saito, who contributed significantly to herring fisheries, and the fishing implements and tools used in the olden days. The facility can also be used for training or accommodations. Summer House serves food and offers shower service to swimmers. There are also log-house-style bungalows built with cypress wood.

Period available April to September
Fees 8,000 yen for an overnight stay in a bungalow (15:00 to 10:00 the next morning) * A total of six bungalows are available, with each designed to accommodate four persons comfortably.
* An additional 500 yen is charged per extra person when exceeding four persons per bungalow.
Each bungalow can accommodate a maximum of six persons (excluding infants).
Daytime rental fee for a bungalow (10:30 to 14:30): 5,000 yen
Bed rental fee: 500 yen per bed (excluding built-in beds)
* Reservations that include barbecue sets, rental stoves and charcoal sales can also be made.
* Applications must be filed by noon on the previous day.
Address Wakimoto Nowaki, Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture

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