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Dazai Literary Monument in Ashino Park

Located in Kanagi-machi of Goshogawara City, Ashino Park is a natural park covering an area of about 80 ha, including Lake Ashino. It is a scenic spot chosen as among the best 100 cheery blossom viewing spots in Japan, with 2,200 cherry trees and 1,800 old pine trees planted along the lakeshore. The literary monument dedicated to Dazai in this park is engraved with a verse taken from Verlaine’s poem, “I am ecstatic and I am terrified to be chosen (J’ai l’extase et j’ai la terreur d’être choisi.),” along with the image of a phoenix at the top to symbolize Dazai’s rebirth. Dazai’s birthday is celebrated on June 19 (formerly Otoki or Cherry Celebration) every year in front of this monument.

Free admission
Address Ashino Park, Kanagi-machi, Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture

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