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Stone Jizo Statues in Children’s Limbo in Kawagura

This sacred place in Tsugaru is well known along with Mt. Osore. The legendary tradition regarding Kawagura Jizo statues dates back to ancient times. These stone statues are believed to have been discovered in a place illuminated by sacred light that appeared in the sky of this region several thousand years ago. The streets are crowded with local shamans called itako and stalls during the peak of the annual festival. Dazai’s impressions of this sacred place were different as a child than as an adult. While he mentioned this sacred place simply as a famous tourist spot in his essay entitled “My Town” written during his higher elementary school years, in his wife’s memoirs (“Sash of Iris”), he is quoted as describing it as an “ineffable” place.

Hours open 9:00 to 15:00
Closed during winter
Free admission
Address 84-91 Kawakura Shichisekino, Kanagi-machi, Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture

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