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Vineyard (Parking Area)

The place currently used as a parking area for large buses near Tsugaru Shamisen Tourist Hall is believed to have once been a vineyard owned by the Tsushima family in the olden days. Besides grapevines, plum trees, chestnut trees and walnut trees were also grown in the vineyard, but grapes were cultivated with particularly great care. Fences were built for the grapevines at intervals of about 5.5 meters, with each fence measuring about 3.6 meters in length and 2 meters in height. The vineyard was enclosed by reed screens on all four sides to protect it against possible damage caused by intruders. In his novel Omoide (Memories), Dazai wrote about his memories of picking grapes in this vineyard as a high school student, along with a housemaid named Miyo.

Address 189-3 Asahiyama, Kanagi-machi, Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture

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