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House Inhabited by Dazai during Wartime Evacuation

Built in 1922 as a new home for Dazai’s older brother Bunji and his wife, this building used to be the annex of the Tsushima family home. It is a semi-Western house built in the same massive architectural style as Shayokan. The building changed hands twice after being relocated to its current location and sold by the Tsushima family. Its current owner opened the facility to the public in the fall of 2006 as the house inhabited by Dazai during his wartime evacuation. It is the only existing building inhabited by Dazai during the wartime years. Dazai wrote many works here, including Pandora no Hako (Pandora’s Box), Kuno no Nenkan (Yearbook of Agony), Shinyu Kokan (The Courtesy Call by Dazai Osamu), Fuyu no Hanabi (Winter Fireworks), and Toka-ton-ton (A Hollow Sound).

Hours open 09:30 to 16:45
Special holidays
Admission and guide fee 500 yen
Address 317-9 Asahiyama, Kanagi-machi, Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture

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