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Strolling through the streets through the town where Dazai left his scent.
Walking through the town of Kanagi makes us feel as if we were able to meet Dazai again. The streets that Dazai walked on, the trees that he touched, and the sky upon which he gazed are among the many things and objects left in the town of Kanagi that stir our imagination about Dazai.
We call “Dazai Museum” the entirety of these things and objects, both tangible and intangible, which remain only in Kanagi. Choose your own route to discover your own image of Dazai.

“Dazai” is standing just around the corner

Annual seasonal events, unique snow country experiences and local gourmet food—all these cultural experiences are part of the menu provided by “Dazai Museum.” Experiencing these events using the keywords Osamu Dazai will help you develop a deeper understanding of the charm of Oku-Tsugaru.

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Dazai Osamu
Osamu Dazai was born on June 19, 1909, in Kanagi Village (present-day Goshogawara City), Kita-Tsugaru-gun, Aomori Prefecture, as the sixth son of one of the largest landowners in the prefecture. He began writing novels around the age of 17 and later published many literary works including Hashire Merosu (Run, Meros!), Shayo (The Setting Sun), and Ningen Shikkaku (No Longer Human). He died in 1948.
100th Anniversary of Dazai’s Birth
The year 2009 marked the centennial of Osamu Dazai’s birth.
“Dazai Museum” was opened in this commemorative year so as to provide visitors with opportunities to make tours of Oku-Tsugaru that will leave lasting memories in their minds—just like Dazai’s literary works that are known for his wit and entertaining stories.

Something exciting is happening somewhere in the town throughout the year.
Visitors to the sites of Dazai Museum, such as the areas around Shayokan - Dazai Memorial Hall and Ashino Park, which Dazai loved very much, will be able to enjoy the entire town throughout the year, including not only places and objects related to Dazai’s literature that are scattered throughout the town of Kanagi, but also Tsugaru shamisen music, theatrical performances, literary events, food, green tourism and other experience tours of Oku-Tsugaru, the native home of Dazai.