Popular tourist spots

Shayokan - Osamu Dazai Memorial Hall
Shayokan is the former home of Dazai’s parents, and is where Dazai spent his childhood years.
Tachineputa Museum
In this museum, visitors can experience the charm of gigantic tachineputa floats the year round.
Tsugaru Shamisen Tourist Hal
Materials regarding the history of Tsugaru shamisen music, traditional folk songs and local performing arts are on display.
Station Building Cafe
This cafe was renovated from the former Ashino Park Station Building of Tsugaru Railway.
Tsugaru Statue
Tsugaru Statue and Dazai Literary Monument.
Ashino Park
Located in Kanagi-machi of Goshogawara City, Ashino Park is a natural park covering an area of about 80 ha, including Lake Ashino.
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